December 07, 2002


Name Rule
Write your name on everything you turn in.

Staple Rule
If you turn in anything that takes more than one sheet of paper, staple the complete work together. Paper clips and/or folding corners are not an acceptable substitute.

My Copy / Your Copy Rule
If you give me anything, that is my copy. I keep my copy of everything you turn in. If think you might want a copy of something you turn in, make your own copy.

Progress Reports Rule
The progress reports are a required element of the term paper. If you do not turn in acceptable progress reports in a timely fashion, your term paper will not be acceptable.

Acceptable Term Paper Rule
This course requires a term paper. If you do not turn in an acceptable term paper, you will not receive credit for this course.

Posted by bparke at December 7, 2002 12:20 AM